The Bible says that creation screams the glory of God, and capturing creation in a photograph is something I enjoy doing very much. Here is a collection of photos I have taken, and as the search for great photos of creation is endless, I will be updating this section frequently. And if you want to see a higher quality/full size version of the photos, just click on them.

I love this one. A morning glory with holes and dew on it. 🙂



No… my eyes do not regularly glow like that… just in case you were wondering. 🙂 

I was once again out on a walk, saw this sewer lid, and decided to test out my camera’s macro abilities.

I was out on a walk and saw some broken glass by the road, and happened to have my camera with me, so I decided to take a few pictures.

Here are some new photos I got at St. Louis last week. The majority of them are of the sky, and almost all of these I have slightly edited,  mostly changing contrast and saturation. God’s glory in creation is displayed wonderfully in the sky, and God is who we should always think of when we see beauty in it.

This is me. To capture this photo my friend had to meter in on the sky then bring the camera down on me. 

This was taken at a Cardinals game.  It was really breathtaking to see in person.

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