About the Author

  The Author. He is what I am about, so when you look at me, you should learn about Him. My name is Noah, and I am a believer in Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given His own life on the cross for me, taking my sin upon Himself, allowing me to be saved by His grace through faith in what He has done for me. He died for me, so now I am to live for Him.

  I desire to share what God has been teaching me through what I am discovering in His word, through lessons given me because of my many mistakes, and through His beautiful creation by photography. I thank the Lord for providing this way to efficiently encourage other believers in Christ Jesus whom I am not with, and do not know personally around the world, and for providing another way for unbelievers to see how a true believer in Jesus thinks and speaks. I pray that you, reader, will be encouraged to follow closer to His word, waiting eagerly with a persevering hope in the unseen: our Lord Jesus’ return and our reward as heirs of God and heirs of Christ.

  Now I have a few hobbies, and you may like to know what those are. First of all, I am a lover of music. I enjoy listening to about every major genre of music: rap, rock, country, classical, you name it. I also play the guitar, and I dink around on the piano. Other things I enjoy are weight lifting, photography, reading, and writing.

 This is a short summary of me, and I hope you enjoy and are encouraged by this blog.

2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Daniel Nickerson says:

    Noah! Thank you for your encouragement and faithfulness to share God’s Word. I REALLY miss East Tennessee and those beautiful pictures of God’s awesome Creation are not helping! 🙂 I have this quote that i think you will enjoy…I LOVED it! ” If the Bible is full of myths, why do people take so much time attacking it?!…the fact that people attack the Gospel/Scripture proves that BELIEVERS HAVE THE TRUTH! Give me a call, i would love to talk to you…and stuff!! 🙂

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