God has a sense of humor. …He at least enjoys irony. This is EXACTLY what I have been learning in my intimate time with the Lord the past two days. If one finds his complete and total satisfaction in the Lord, and pierces himself with the Sword that is the Truth of Scripture, he will not desire sin. He will not pursue those fleshly lusts, because he will be too busy pursuing Christ! Contentment and satisfaction in the Well that never runs dry, is wonderful feeling, my friends. I pray that the reader would shine the light of God’s Word on every sinful desire they have. Look at life, and your heart, from an eternal perspective. Change your perspective, you change everything.

Anchored Soul

How I love my God for knowing my soul so intimately that He would bring me to such truths as these exactly when I need them most! The following is an excerpt from Milton Vincent’s book, A Gospel Primer for Christians: Learning to See the Glories of God’s Love. Recently, I have had to continually confess the vileness of my flesh to my God, asking His forgiveness for my disobedience to His Word. I have felt defeated and powerless to obey Him because of the continual onslaughts of my flesh and my wretched tendency to give into its temptations. However, in a manner I can’t explain, He graciously brought me to this specific passage in this particular book through His sovereign plan and reassured me that I am not powerless in Him. Though I have been seeking fulfillment by gratifying my sinful flesh, I must now seek total fulfillment in…

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