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53,310,843 – This is how many children have died during the first 37 years of the American holocaust. Roe v. Wade marked the beginning of a new era. An era where, in the “Land of the Free”, “One Nation Under God”, murder became legal. A time where mass murder can be be performed in silence. This is a horrendous sin before our God, and those who practice it are only building a pile of evidence to be used against themselves on judgement day.

12,800,000 – This is the max estimate of how many humans died in the Nazi holocaust. A little over four times as many people have died from abortion compared to what is called one of the most terrible events to occur on earth. Yet, abortion is legal in America. This is wrong, and it has to stop. We must keep in mind, however, that nothing can be done apart from the sovereign hand of God working in our government. We must also remember that our Father has allowed this, so it is ultimately happening for His glory. This is a video by Ray Comfort about abortion, and it is amazing. Please watch it, spread the word, and pray for our nation.


9 thoughts on “53,310,843

  1. Well that is confusing because if he’s claiming an ethnic Jewish identity, it is still tied to the practice of Judaism as defined in the dictionary. To suggest otherwise, would be making a claim much like Hitler did–that being a Jew is genetic and you can never not be one by converting.

    • He isn’t suggesting otherwise. He is saying that he is a Jew. He isn’t claiming that he isn’t. You can never change your nationality your beliefs. He never said he supports Judaism in the least; the dictionary definition of Jewish is “of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Jews OR Judaism.” [emphasis added] He is a Jew: Hebrew. Not a practitioner of Judaism.

      • Jew is a follower of Judaism (religion, culture, and/or ethnicity tied to the practice of the Judaism), Hebrew is the language. I would understand if his said his parents or family members were/are Jewish or that he has ancestors who were Jewish–which would be the reason why the issue of people knowing who Hitler was is such a personal issue for him, but to say that he IS Jewish does not make any sense if he’s Christian.

  2. I will respond to this, and leave the subject be. This is quickly falling to “wrangling about words”, and Scripture commands against this. Sir, please go to and look up Hebrew. Read the first definition. The general pedestrian’s knowledge of Hitler is as much of a personal issue to him as it is to me. In fact, it is not a personal issue, it is an educational issue. Hitler was an icon for evil that Americans must look at and learn from, learn of the depravity of their sin, and their need for Christ’s sacrifice. The point of this video is not in the least Ray Comfort’s race or nationality; God could have used any believer to communicate this message. But that is the point: the content, not the individual who delivers it. I hope you now understand what I am trying to say.

    • “Hebrew: A member or descendant of a Semitic people >>>claiming<<< descent from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob"

      "Hebrew – a person belonging to the worldwide group claiming descent from Jacob (or converted to it) and connected by cultural or religious ties"

      The key word is "claiming." There's no real clear definition because it's impossible for anyone to know if they have any real relation to Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob. That is why there's people from all ethnicities and colors around the world who claim Jewish or Hebrew heritage. It's based on a belief system being passed down generations–"Jewish" is not a race.

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