The Donkey, the Stallion, and the Strategy of the Hills – An Allegory


I have the same feelings about this allegory, and would also encourage my readers to listen to it. John Piper paints a picture of the good news of salvation vividly here. I pray that those who listen to it will be as encouraged as I was.

Anchored Soul

“The Donkey, the Stallion, and the Strategy of the Hills” is somewhat of an interesting name for an allegory written by a well-known preacher. But the meaning behind the story is what makes it so profound. It is a vivid retelling of the story of Jesus Christ our Savior, who sacrificed all that He was, all of His glory and majesty, to take the form of weak and despicable human beings, to die on a cruel cross, and to bear the wrath of God along with the sin and the shame of the world. Christ came unto His own, but His own did not receive Him. In this sermon/allegory written and presented by John Piper, we find the truth about Christ’s ministry and death exposed in a tale of a vineyard, the tenants, the King, and the sacrifice of His Son.  Not only has it convicted me of my own sin…

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